If You Can’t Provide This to Customers, You Might as Well Stay Home

The marketplace today is noisy and crowded. The customer is inundated with thousands of products, services, and marketing messages, even to the tune of institutions selling naming rights for bathrooms and even stalls, pop-ups on webpages, parking spaces being painted, messages on the back of receipts, and etc.

This noise over a period of time has shaped the behavior of a lot of customers, businesses, and organizations to have zero tolerance for marketing fluff, but a deep hunger for solutions that can help them. Which means selling your solution is not about price, qualifications, or success stories. It’s all about the insights and ideas you bring to them. If you can’t provide great ideas and insights, you might as well go home.

There’s too much noise, too many products, and too many services, to break your message through if you’re not offering remarkable ideas or insights. Your insights into an industry, a discipline, or a target company should be the gasoline for your marketing.

Ideas and insights are always the strongest selling points and you should NEVER hesitate to disclose your best through your marketing. Insights and ideas cut through all that noise. Here are three steps I recommend for getting started:

  1. Make it look appealing. Frame your marketing to help clients or customers resolve urgent, substantive issues. 
  2. Move through the funnel. Give them original, insightful, and valuable ideas at every step of the marketing process.
  3. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to that you’ll give too much away before you are hired. Remember these are your strongest selling points.