Is SEO Dead? Looking toward the Future and What’s Really Important

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Search engine optimization is the ace in the hole for marketers. It has long been the best way to get more exposure for a brand by driving more traffic to its website and positioning it higher in search results. With the right keywords, the right use of them in content, and the right linking, you could easily position yourself among the first search results and get more people to visit your site.

However, many marketers are beginning to question the use of SEO, and buzz is generating about the prophesied death of the long-favored marketing tactic.

Why SEO Might Soon be Dead

Google is the king of search, and it is a demanding king. The search engine has undergone a number of algorithm updates in an attempt to penalize spammy sites and those looking to game the system to get the most traffic to their sites. However, in the process, many legitimate sites have also seen their page ranking fall.

With Google constantly updating its algorithm, it seems that it’s pointless to try to optimize your site for search engines — after all, you never know when today’s best practices will become the things that get you penalized tomorrow.

Real Focus is on Quality Content

The one thing you can do to make your site search engine friendly — no matter what happens with the algorithm changes — is to focus on creating quality content. Good content will always create quality indicators for your site. In addition, it will make a difference with the judges that matter the most: Your readers. By giving your readers good content, they will recommend your site to others, and your readership will grow organically.

Social Media is Rising

One of the best ways to promote your site right now is through social media. Facebook alone has 1 billion active monthly users. There is a huge potential market to tap through social media, and all it requires is that you create a dynamic profile and become an active user yourself. Identify the top social networks for your target audience and focus on promoting your site there. You’ll generate a lot of referral traffic for your site and help grow your readership naturally.

PPC Ads Continue to be Effective

Paying for exposure continues to be an effective way to market your site. PPC ads can help you to rank high in Google search results, even if you don’t have the natural page rank. In fact, Google has started to favor PPC ads over organic search results. No matter what happens with the algorithm, you can be sure to get the traffic you need by including PPC ads in your budget.

It’s hard to say if SEO will ever really be dead. After all, there will always be search engines, and there will always be ways to help your site to rank higher in search results. However, instead of focusing so intently on keeping up with the constantly changing SEO landscape, it may be more effective to focus on the basics, such as quality content, social media, and PPC advertising.

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