Is this seat taken? The theater of the mind

How many people want your seat?

How many people would love to have your platform?

For the chance to make art, for the chance to influence people?

We (the world) teaches you  to wait to get picked, but what you always asked for was a chance to be you, a chance to do your work, a chance to lead people,“put me in the game coach”, instead of the pick me, pick me, (raise your hand) mindset that says, “if you don’t get picked you lose.”

So if you want to write, sing, paint, draw, create, invent, and teach do so.

What has happened, in the last ten years in particular, is that the only people who are achieving their dreams, the only people who are creating value, the only people who are being compensated well, are the ones who have figured out how to stand out, create a platform and take a seat.