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Workshop, Class, Seminar, Teleseminar. You guessed it: the new media is largely FREEYouTubeFacebook, Twitter, Blogging, Pintrest, Newsletters, Podcasts, Blog Talk Radio, LinkedIn) and-on-and-on. Which brings me to this point: it’s a revolution. And what revolutions do is they destroy the perfect and then they enable the impossible.  That when we think about how we got here and where people find out about stuff, and how they find out about stuff, it’s changing.

So why teach it in school as if it were a frightening theory? Why encourage people to be afraid? Just do it. Build your own platform. Appear in the places that seem productive or interesting or challenging or fun. Experiment quietly, figure out what works, do it more. No need to be a rookie, and certainly you shouldn’t spread yourself too thin or quit at the first sign of failure… but… quit waiting for the right answer, quit waiting for the dummies guide.

By the time we tell you the right answer, it’ll be too late.

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