Launching, PR and promotion addiction always starts this way

One small business owner I know explained that she got about ten orders from a social media share from a mega hub (a person who can provide powerful one-way links with people who listen to their message) and so she needed a share like that every week to stay in business. Um…..Good luck with that.

Launching, PR and promotion addiction always starts this way. It’s the e-z, shortcut and lazy way to keep your product selling. Shotgun spray and pray. Work the system, get the quick nibbles of attention and then move on.

It might work now and then, but it’s not a scalable strategy to grow your business.

That’s where most people disagree with me and don’t understand why I didn’t mention a particular strategy like the competition did.

If you’re a reader of my blog you know by now that I would never advise someone with quick marketing techniques that leave them hopeless 3 months later. (I’m in the hope business) You need a significant marketing attack that can be planned, implemented, and maintained rather than relying on a constant stream of promotion. I suggest a few:

  • a remarkable products that customers enjoy talking about
  • a product with the social aspect built-in–something that works better when my friends use it too (instagram)
  • a community class or orientation, so that each new user enhances the value of the community, creating an effective cycle
  • economies of scale in both production and marketing. As you grow, things get both cheaper and easier to talk about

All four are strategically planned (and not easy) actions of a designer and marketer and who know that they have a choice about what to build and how to build it. [Here’s a post with more on this.]