What I’ve Learned About Blogging from Writing More Than 200 Posts

I took the initiative (because it’s never given) to start blogging on the wordpress.com platform eight months ago. Since that time, I have written 239 posts, without missing a post. At an average of 300-500 words per post, that is roughly 119,500 total words—the equivalent of about sixteen short stories.

During this journey, I have noticed a couple of things about blogging and want to share them with you:

  • Blogging everyday (the act of shipping) wasn’t an easy task, until it became a habit
  • Someday’s I have a hard time figuring out what can I say to “you” (my readers) that care enough to listen to me,  something that you want to hear and you look forward to hearing
  • The blog posts that I think are winners and will get great engagement, don’t, and the posts I think are not so great, get great engagement and are winners.

But even after all that I keep showing up, I keep going, everyday shipping one post at a time. Why? Because blogging has benefited me in three awesome ways:

  1. Blogging has given me a way to be seen and heard. Before social media took off, the only way to be seen and heard involved having a radio or television show, a bestselling book, writing a column for a big media medium or a highly visible speaking career. The resources needed were money, fame, or both. Those opportunities were unavailable to the average person like you and me. But now blogging has level that playing field and has provided a way for almost anyone to gain visibility and build an audience, and lead a tribe.
  2. Blogging has led to new and exciting opportunities.  It’s been said, “the only way to increase your opportunities, is to increase the people you know.” Today, most of the people I meet are through my blog or social media. In addition, almost all my new opportunities come either directly or indirectly from my blog—guest blog posting, speaking, podcast and radio interviews, being on a panel of experts, consulting/coaching, being a quoted in books, featured on web portals,  teaching, etc.
  3. Blogging has provided a way to contribute to others. It’s the way I can share what I have been given. I love noticing how marketing concepts, strategies and principles connect to each other and then helping individuals or organizations clearly understand these changes, allowing them to have complete control of their marketing. When I point out things that most of us all ready know, but describe them in a way that helps you take action on it. I believe that this a neat relationship because you, now can go do something not because I told you to, but because I helped you notice what you should do in the first place. For me, blogging is my emotional labor. It’s a labor of love.

The remarkable aspect of blogging is that you learn as you go. Not every post will be clear of grammar errors and perfect. You can write, ship, and tweak your way to success. The important thing is to take the initiative (because it’s never given). And, if you have started, keep shipping.

Questions: If you’re a blogger, what have you learned so far? What benefits have you noticed from blogging?