Lowering your cost while maintaining the value

Starting a business or owning one always involves a cost for producing, so sometimes figuring out how to make what you’re producing significantly more cheaply is a must.

In the case of somebody who wants to run a successful bar and grill. If the scarce thing they offer is a great environment to drink liquor and beer, but they are spending a fortune on making chicken sandwiches, they probably could spend less money, making chicken sandwiches and still have the place be what they need it to be.

So, one of the things to think about is “What have you built into your assumptions that’s going to make it hard and expense that you can skip and still make it scarce and valuable?”

One of the ways to do that is to use off-the-shelf software. Lots of time people say I have to build this perfect piece of software to  make everything work, but in fact maybe you don’t have to do anything. Maybe you just use MailChimp, Constant Contact, PowerPoint  Keynote, or etc and they work, plus you haven’t spent a penny on development.