Make your product or service presentation succeed while all others fail

Before you try to sell ANY organization or consumer on why your new product or service is worth buying, you NEED to do the most critical part that attributes to a successfully presentation: invest time destroying and slandering and dismantling  the status quo. Once the buyer understands how the current situation can’t help but decay, and ultimately fail, they’re far more likely to listen to your offering.

The status quo almost always looks rosy because people are naturally optimistic. They assume that things will stay the way they are. But we all know that nothing last forever, and if you can identify an organization’s weakness, you can lay the foundation for your product or service.

By focusing on whats broken now, you lower the bar or as Zig Ziglar would say, “make the frying pan smaller.” You create a sense of urgency.  You make it really clear that action must be taken. Let me repeat that. You make it really clear that action must be taken. And action leads to profits!

Note: Your product or service must be remarkable or this will not work.