Make Yourself a Viable Candidate in Today’s Workplace

When I have conversations about job seeking with job seekers, they always regurgitate to me advice that  is often oriented around big corporations. The concept of developing a resume and mass mailing it, then dealing with the HR department to set-up an interview–is all built around the Fortune 500.

Unfortunately,  A resume just doesn’t have the value it once had.  Starbucks attracted 7.6 million job applicants over the past 12 months.  Procter & Gamble got over a million applications last year for the 2,000 new positions they had.  Google hired 7,000 people in 2011 – after receiving over two million resumes.  Many companies don’t want your resume, because of legal issues they are required to keep your application for two years even if they never interviewed you.  How do you store two million resumes?

You know what companies do want to see – your ability to create art, to provide a unique interface between members an organization, to deliver unique creativity, to manage a situation or organization of great complexity, to lead customers, to inspire staff, and to provide deep domain knowledge.

What will someone see if they also do a Google search for you?  If there’s nothing there, you are non-existent in today’s workplace. Recognize that anything on the net is building your professional profile – and will help any company decide if they want you as a team member.

I would suggest this as a minimum:

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile
  2. Write a blog (you can do that on
  3. Join two other social networking sites
  4. Have a FaceBook profile

You must decide.  What are you doing to make yourself a viable candidate in today’s workplace?