6 Ways Midsize Businesses Can Drastically Improve Online Engagement

Is your Midsize business looking for ways to improve online engagement—the act of someone raising their hand?

Would you like to get more people-to-people interaction and begin a real conversation with your ideal target customers on online platforms?


No matter your company’s industry, you can encourage these deeper connections and improve your online engagement.

You see it’s very simple to drastically improve online engagement. The conversation starts with you. The community manager, social media manager, engagement specialist, employee, CEO, etc.

Merely posting or sharing resourceful information isn’t sufficient if you really want to build a deep engagement with your ideal target customer.

It’s equally, if not more, important to interact by commenting on other people’s or organization’s posts, asking questions and adding your opinion/perspective to existing conversations.

Here are a six ways midsize businesses can drastically improve online engagement:

  1. Always end your post with a question to spark or ignite a discussion.
  2. Respond to users’ comments or questions, and ask follow-up questions to continue to drive the discussion.
  3. Develop repeatable campaigns that are easy for users to participate in and contribute to. Utilize a unique hashtag dedicated to a campaign and stay consistent (e.g., #MidsizeWednesday, for which every Wednesday you pose a question/idea to midsize businesses).
  4. Use @mentions whenever possible to engage people and invite them to join the conversation.
  5. Create quality and relevant content that is useful to your prospects and customers.
  6. Post quotes, beautified/interesting photos and pithy, humorous content .

Most midsize businesses are after the same things. They want:

  • traffic to their website,
  • engagement with their content, and
  • sales of their products or services.

These are all great goals, but they’re really just symptoms of having one thing: engaged ideal customers and current customers.

Question: What do you think? What’s been successful for your midsize business? Leave your comments below.