One Simple Reason Most Businesses Fail at Social Media

The one simple reason most businesses fail at social media is because they use it to talk all about them. Every tweet, status update, post and message is all about them. It’s about their product, their service, their website, and their free irresistible offer.

Why is like that?

Because we’ve all been told that content is king. And it is. Content is king, but you also need riders to carry your idea or message. Just like the days of old, when the King gave an order, the messengers got on a horse and spread the word. The same goes for today about your content on these social media platforms.

So, the reason for the struggle is because businesses haven’t taken the necessary steps to build relationships and listen to their messengers. It all comes down to building context to set up your content.

Here’s how you can make sure your business isn’t going down the “about me” road.

  1. Reexamine your social platforms. Right now it would be beneficial for you to go back and reexamine your posting, updates, tweets and messages. Are  they about the community? Are they asking the community what they need or want? or Are they about you, your website, product, and service?
  2. Share your connections. Just today I went on and saw an individual in my area looking for a real estate agent. I then referred him to one that I personally know and trust. The rule is simple here: If you don’t know the answer or don’t feel like you can help someone, try to connect them to someone who can.
  3. Be more caring and generous. The truth is we all grew up learning about the industrial revolution and every revolution is then proceeded with an age behind it. The industrial revolution created the industrial age. I believe we are in the social media revolution which will create the social media age. And what is hard about today is being more generous and caring more. But over and over again we see the more generous you are, the more you will succeed online.