Platform Builder: Women Led Podcasts

  • Authentic Life Radio – Authentic Life Radio is a weekly show with Stephanie Ravenscraft and Sarah Rader. Their desire is to share their journey as the attempt to live authentic lives that make a positive impact on their world.
  •  Connie & Sheila Talk – Connie Williams and Sheila Tidwell began their property investment journey in the fall of 2003 after reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. This led them to attend a 3-day property investment conference in Nashville, where they met many REIN (Real Estate Investors of Nashville) members including Ginny & Greg Pitts. They studied with Ginny & Greg for a few months and then created Peace of Earth, LLC (for rehabs) and later Rare Earth Properties (for rentals). Presently they have 48 rental units in their portfolio and are in partnerships that hold an additional 25 units.
  • Successful Women Talk with Shelia Butler – Shelia Butler is ridiculously passionate about small business and her goal is to help you get the business, customers and life you deserve. If you want a business that runs smoothly, customers that sing your praises and freedom to work on your business instead of in your business, you’re in the right place.
  • The Eventual Millionaire – Jamie every week interviews a successful millionaire and dive deep into their mind, revealing EXACTLY what patterns have made them so successful. And you can get access to all 70+ interviews absolutely free.
  • One Love For Nurses Podcast – One Love Nurses believe…Uniting the nursing profession in sprit and purpose will positively impact our collective spiritual, health care, and nursing recruitment needs.
  • The Daily Interaction Podcast – Prolific Living unlocks what you need to create the exact lifestyle and work-style design that replaces the golden chains that shackle you with freedom. Freedom in your career and freedom in your health. Freedom in a sustainable, lasting and true-to-your-essence kinda way!