Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #10 – In the Mind of the Prospect

This is one of my favorite tips because the marketing power behind positioning, in down economic times and good economic times, cost you nothing.

Positioning is considered one of the core elements of marketing strategy. It actually involves planting “seeds of perception” in the mind of your prospect and customer.

Products, services, brands, or ideas that spread quickly are called “going viral” and are more likely to succeed than ideas that don’t. If we think about something “going viral” like a virus, they need to spread through some form of transmission like a sneeze, cough, or handshake and then that virus (product, brand, service or idea) goes to the next person.

One way to inject your idea into someones head is to find someone else who is already in their head and hang something right next to it.

So sometimes for your product, brand, service or idea to travel the best way is to connect it to something or someone. For example: If I ask you to describe, “What 7-Up is?” It’s the uncola and if you ever had a coke you already know what 7-Up is and you immediately know what its position is in the soft drink market.