Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #13 – Market Leadership

Leadership is not about position, a title, or status. It is about influence.

The question is: “How many people do you influence?”

As we continue this journey for putting your business on track for success, the tip for today will be niche strategies, market leadership and top-of-mind positioning.

Let’s start with this, niche strategies are developed and created because your target market has a need, want, desire, demand or problem that is not solved or satisfied. This allows you elevate to market leadership only if you can satisfy that need, want, desire, demand, or problem quickly.

Go here for more on market leadership.

Your activity and promptness to do that automatically translates into top-of-mind positioning with your prospects and customers.

The more you get into the trenches (commenting on blogs, participating in forums, being an expert on a panel, speaking at events, writing for media outlets, creating informative content, etc.) the more your reputation will grow within your niche.

Action Step: Identify what problems, complaints, irritations, and hassles  your target market have that identify a niche opportunity for you?

Remember “that the professional knows that their success will depend on what they do with what they know not just what they know.”