Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #18 – Content is King, Marketing is Queen

Content has never been more important to your business than today. With the traditional sales process disrupted by the internet, consumers now have the ability to obtain information on you and your company. They are information-empowered.

With this disruption comes the most commonly stated, “Content is King.” Why? because if more consumers look for information online before making their purchase decisions then your content is the tool for building trust and rapport and delivering value before the sale.

Now, the component that’s often missing from that statement is that, “Marketing is Queen and she runs the house.” This completes that statement and really brings everything full circle. “How are you going to build awareness and visibility for your content?” that is what marketing is all about—building awareness and visibility for your idea, product, service, or expertise.

Here are some ways that you could use:

  • Guest post to other blogs with similar markets.
  • Collect emails on your blog and keep in touch.
  • Start commenting in LinkedIn Groups.
  • Be a guest interview for other blogs,
  • Speak at your local chamber of commerce
  • Be a guest interview for podcasts,
  • Attend major conferences
  • Be a guest interview for BlogTalk Radio,
  • Attend trade shows
  • Be a guest interview for teleconference calls,
  • Be a guest expert on a panel
  • Be a guest interview for webinars and more.