Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #20 – Create Raving Fans

The goal of every business is to get attention for your brand, turn followers into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into evangelists (raving fans), and grow your business.

To achieve this goal there are two indispensable components that can’t be ignored. The first is a quality and/or remarkable product or service. A product that’s worth making a remark about. If your product or service sucks you’ll quickly create a negative emotion and that as well know spreads faster than a positive emotion.

The second indispensable component is to have in your business model a word-of-mouth tool not an advertising budget. Yes, if you want to create raving fans about your brand it won’t be done through advertising but from the customers who share their experiences.

“Positive experiences lead to positive conversations which leads to positive feelings.” That means you own the emotional equity and that’s the whole point of branding is to appeal to the emotional center of prospects and customers.

Here are some ways you could create a positive experience:

  • the way you answer the phone
  • your appearance
  • your signage
  • your packaging
  • your website
  • your communication materials
  • your online presence

Action step: Determine how you’re going to create positive experiences and then get those customers to share them with other people?