Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #30 How to Go From 50k to 100k in Your Business

If you are the world’s best pediatrician but increase your income only by herding 30 more babies into your office this week, you will die of exhaustion and miss the lives of your own children. How true is this? This is why every business should be creating content and taking the correct view (the marathon not sprint) when it comes to building a business.

The truth is it doesn’t matter if you’re a garden shop, law firm, printing company, or sub shop, only by creating multiple streams of income will you be able to have a stress-free, balanced business and increase your income dramatically.

If you’re an author, speaker, coach, consultant, small business, or professional here are some ways to create multiple streams of income from turning your expertise into intellectual property and repackaging, repurposing, and redeveloping it:

  1. Obtain speaking engagements.
  2. Coaching/Consulting sessions.
  3. Develop a seminar/workshop.
  4. Sell digital audio products.
  5. Write an eBook.
  6. Create an instructional manual.
  7. Create a monthly subscription membership.
  8. Create a conference.
  9. Sell personality profiles
  10. Develop a tool kit.
  11. Create a coaching 101 online program.
  12. Teach a class.
  13. Create your own