Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #9 – Your Best Prospect

Can you answer this question: Who is your best prospect?

In a previous post “The Mindset NEEDED to Win” I stated, “that no matter your profession you must be able to do this effectively to win:

  1. Turn strangers into followers.
  2. Turn followers into prospects.
  3. Turn prospects into friends.
  4. Turn friends into customers.
  5. And then… do the most vital job:
  6. Turn your customers into evangelist.”

With that process being laid out for you, your best prospect then is a current customer. Your second best prospect is a past customer.


These two groups of people already like you, already know you, and most of all they already TRUST you. And if you’ve been reading this blog you know that at the heart of every transaction is TRUST and there’s a really big gap between someone being aware of you (which is really hard) and someone trusting you, enough to invest in you or buy from you.

So from now on when you think marketing don’t always think about finding new people. Remember it’s easier to market and sell to your best prospect or your second best prospect and you’ll have a higher degree of success doing that than cold calling.