May 1, 2017


Take It From Local Business Owners Like You…

Patrick and his team have been invaluable in giving us much greater structure and strategic oversight over our marketing message and how we can better serve existing and new clients. Indispensable Marketing also guided us towards creating an excellent marketing action plan and execution time table. If you feel like your marketing objectives and strategy are lacking focus, consistency, direction or cohesion, talk with Patrick–he will listen, ground you and help you sharply focus your energy and resources towards reaching your goals as quickly as possible. On the fence? Just do it. You’ll be glad that you did.

Duncan Shaw – President at DTS Language Services

Patrick was a guest on The LaKesha Womack Show and shared a wealth of knowledge with my listeners. However, I was most impressed by what happened next… Patrick called and provided me with a complimentary consultation to see how he could return the favor and help me with my business. He made a suggestion for my business model that I immediately implemented. My existing clients love it and I was able to increase one client proposal by 400% (no joke!!). I highly recommend Patrick’s services to anyone looking for real, sustainable growth.

LaKesha Womack – Business and Marketing Consultant

There are certain special people who come into our lives bringing the ability to look at issues just a bit differently. They are able to come at issues with a 90-degrees different perspective. In the course of doing that, they challenge our assumptions and change our perspectives. Patrick McFadden is one of these special people. Give yourself a gift and spend 30-minutes exploring your world through Patrick’s creative mind. You will find you time well spent.

R Rushton (“Rush”) Paul, J.D., SPHR – HR Consulting | Leadership Development | Executive Coaching | Executive Search

Patrick is the real deal. He helped me re-design my marketing message and provided clear and concise coaching on the how to keep my message simple. He is not about a lot of Fluff and really wants to help you get RESULTS.I highly recommend that you hire him if you want to grow your business.

Thomas Ellis – Helping Sales Professionals Become a B.U.D-Better-Unique-Desirable / Sales Coach / Speaker/ Small Business Consultant

I was intrigued enough by Patrick McFadden, after just meeting him, to invest the time to attend his facilitated discussion on marketing strategies . He provided the attendees some great thought provoking insights. He shared that “customers’ perceptions are their realities”. What perceptions do you need your customers (or potential customers) to have of you? What goals and strategies do you have in play to ensure that this happens? The lesson for me is that things happen by design, so be sure you have very specific and focused plans. Patrick calls it “being intentional”. The panel discussion was enjoyable and a great learning experience. I now have Patrick on my list of professionals that clearly know what they’re talking about. You should too.

Douglas Webb – Shared Services Expertise and Leadership at Vaco LLC

Consistent and Focused are the two words that come to mind when I think of Patrick McFadden. Since our first encounter nearly 5 years ago, Patrick has been has been consistent in his message of creating value through strategic relationships. I have always been impressed by his ability to make marketing concepts simple. There is NO DOUBT that Patrick knows what he is doing. Why? Because he gets RESULTS. Patrick’s ability to stay FOCUSED enables him to get his clients the results that many dream of. He is specialist and his skills will enable your business to grow.

Rob (“YB”) Youngblood – LinkedIn Locksmith who teaches Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals & Students how to EARN more money using LinkedIn.

Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Metropolitan Business League’s monthly membership meeting, which by the way is held each third Wednesday of the month. It is a wonderful event, but this particular night Patrick McFadden of “Indispensable Marketing” spoke to our group and without giving a lot away it was definitely a very enlightening & empowering evening of information sharing about a very powerful but under used and misused part of business “REFERRALS”. I highly recommend you invite or at least entertain in having Patrick share this information with you and your company! It will help you immensely! I am going to recommend Patrick to many of my business associates in the very near future.

Brian Robertson – Founder (Marion Marketing, LLC) Let Us Help Grow Your Business

Patrick has visited a couple of my networking groups as a guest, and today we had a working session/one-on-one. Patrick brings particular value with his marketing innovation and ability to look across industries to identify ways in which to approve your marketing plan and develop custom systems that may not be intuitive to the busy business owner/professional. I highly recommend Patrick for those looking for professional marketing help!

Scott Golightly – Attorney at Golightly Mulligan & Morgan, PLC

I recently participated in a Patrick’s “Indispensable Marketing Jumpstart Program.” As a guest participant of my business colleague and as a certified management consultant with nearly 30 years of experience helping businesses, I found the experience informative and instructive and the insights Patrick provided instrumental in helping my colleague position his marketing efforts in ways that were customized and strategic. It was a pleasure meeting and working with him.

Bernard Robinson – Member at Mentors Guild

I have commissioned Patrick to work with me and my business as a marketing coach. In that time he has provided me with the principles and specific actions that I was able to implement to transform how I market myself.

Patrick’s style is assertive and attentive. He is generous is sharing his epxeriences, what works and what does not.

Perhaps most importantly is that Patrick transformed my work and attitude and gets results.

I recommend him wholeheartedly – Thanks Patrick

Neil Denny – Experienced divorce lawyer and Director at Diane Genders Solicitors

Patrick is a master on LinkedIn. He has helped me to better leverage my LinkedIn network and connect with qualified prospects. He is clear, concise and provides actionable advice that can be used now. I value his counsel and recommend any sales professional who is looking to raise the quality of his prospects to reach out to Patrick.

Pat Helmers – International Sales Consultant, Tech Start-Up Coach, and Author of Selling With Confidence Sales System

Patrick recently wrote a good article on marketing “7 Steps That Will Grow Your Business Today” and I replied with question how to apply one of the steps, to our specific business/business model. Patrick not only replied with great insight, but we had a conversation via the comment area that resulted in me coming up with some new approaches that work within our company’s guidelines, that wouldn’t have not been discovered any other way. That is a true marketeer (Patrick), giving and not expecting anything in return. And as you can see here, he did earn something anyway, my recommendation.

Don Fitchett – PLC Training Instructor – PLC Training Seminars and Onsite at

The first time I met with Patrick I could tell that he had a desire to help and support all walks of entrepreneurs/business owners by approaching marketing differently than most. His way of looking differently at business and marketing is refreshing. His seminar on Educational Marketing is something that I would recommend for everyone. If you have a small (or large) group of business professionals ask if Patrick will present his knowledge to your group. I did and it was great. I’ll have him back again too!!!

Todd McCandless – Principal & Financial Coach at Coach4Finance

Patrick McFadden is a rare marketing professional. The strategies that he employs are deeply rooted in timeless sales and marketing principles. Having been a self-employed entrepreneur for almost 14 years now, I know that this type of disciplined focus is essential to long-term success. If you want to get better sales and marketing results, then get to know Patrick.

Stephen Lahey – Marketing Recruiter: Recruiting CPG Marketing Talent for Consumer Products Companies Since 2000