See Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Low expectations are often a self-fulfilling prophecy. People tend to end up pretty much where they EXPECT to end up, so see yourself in the driver’s seat.

Your preparation for your indispensable marketing efforts, your enthusiasm and your belief in the process will set the stage for the results you will ultimately see. Yes, the world may seem to be an unfair place and bosses and spouses can be demanding and unrealistic. But in reality the world is basically a very fair place and we tend to get compensated accordingly.

If you create a remarkable product or service, then in return you will be rewarded by the marketplace with “word-of-mouth” and “word-of-mouse”.  Take the next 3 months to transform your music, art, product, cause, or service into something worth making a remark about. No matter where you see yourself starting, 3 months is adequate time to look at how you can create something remarkableidentify the experience you want to create, find your first seven, choose the path that you want to become the best in the world at ( your customers world)  , create a plan of action and ACT.