SEO Battle: Passive vs. Active

The idea that you can do things to your site (phrases, metatags, even the blogs you choose to write) that will be warmly received by the search engines is Passive SEO . It seems the best passive strategy is to make remarkable stuff, but beyond that it’s pretty clear that creating your site, accordingly is smart. Here are some people who are far better at this than I am.

The act of going outside of your site to build other sites (blogs, Pintrest boards, delicious tags) or influence other sites (links and directories) to point to you is Active SEO. This doesn’t mean just you doing it, but your employees, fans, and readers as well. I wrote a blog post about part of this  (here: Megaphone Marketing)

There’s no doubt that these two tactics need to be coordinated together. But what I’m not sure about is, should they be done by the same person. Sometimes, dividing a task increases your ability to get it done…