October 1, 2014

Marketing Q&A Session

Ask all your burning Marketing, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Online Marketing and Small Business Marketing questions


You have a few questions, that you need advice on but don’t need to engage in our consulting, or programs.  Just 30 or 60 minutes of time will get you the answers you’re looking for to move your marketing at a high level within your company.

No problem!

We have the PERFECT option for you!  Pick Our Brain Marketing Q&A Session was created for the Business Owner, Business Professional, Entrepreneur, or CEO who has the burning questions they are looking to have answered and just needs a fractional amount of time with a marketing consultant.

How it Works:

  • Click the link here to request a session
  • Send us your three most desired day and times to connect by phone in the details section
  • $250 for a 60 minute talk, $125 for 30 minutes
  • You’ll receive an immediate invoice via Quickbooks to pay (payment must be made before scheduled meeting)
  • Have your questions ready before the scheduled meeting