January 18, 2015

Seminars and Workshops

Half Day or 90 minute Strategic Marketing Success Training

We offer seminars and workshops to provide business owners and organizations with strategies and processes to market smarter.

This training is designed for business owners, business development and sales professionals that needs to build out or refine their marketing approach and strategy. For a half work day or one hour, Indispensable Marketing will send an experienced Strategic Marketing Consultant to your business to run a customized workshop or seminar based off of your business needs.

Stay Current (And More Importantly Ahead of the Competition) through Seminars and Workshops

Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn around there’s a new Marketing thing? You keep hearing about social selling, content marketing, attracting over hunting customers and social media, but what the heck does it have to do with growing your revenue?

It can be very confusing to stay up to date on the right things with everything going on in the world of Marketing. But it isn’t impossible.

Strategic Marketing Seminars and Workshops

Our seminars offer 30 minute to 90 minute strategic overviews so you better understand the big picture of marketing you and your company. And how important developing and executing your marketing strategy to address your business challenge really is to your success.

Our Workshops, we go deeper with more step-by-step guidance based on the business challenge you have. New marketing approaches and techniques are constantly emerging and we help you go to the next level with half to full day workshops that send you and your employees off with the confidence to reach out efficiently and effectively to customers.

Walk Away with an Updated Marketing Strategy and Execution Plan

We will work with you to address any gaps in your marketing and provide you with valuable insight to incorporate into your future marketing efforts. You’ll also leave this experience with a plan for success.

Key Details

  • Seminar Price: $2500 (does not include T&E)
  • Workshop Price: $5000/day (does not include T&E)
  • Setting: On-site at your office
  • Level: Business Owner, Business Development, Sales and Marketing Team

Suggested Topics

5 Marketing Things Every Business Must Get Right

Get these five marketing things right – keep these as the basis for every marketing decision – and everything will work out. On the other hand, ignore these truths and growing your business will always feel like an uphill battle.

How Today’s Marketing Professionals Can Think Like Sales Pros and Market Like Superstars 

In this presentation, I talk about what marketing professionals can learn from sales professionals and the three important things marketers must both understand and participate in.

How to Use Online to Drive Offline Sales

Today’s business must think and approach marketing in a different way or face extinction. All businesses, regardless of industry, have morphed into O2O businesses – driving people online to drive them offline.

The Importance of Educational Content

Marketing has changed more in the last 20 years than any other business discipline. Far more than accounting or management. Educating your customers and giving your customers the resources to believe you is new marketing.

Getting SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing on the Same Page

Social media and content are now a critical component of SEO.  Just creating good content is not enough. The search engines need some way to determine if your content is valuable and the best measureable way for them to do this is to calculate the number of social signals (shares, likes, pluses, tweets, links, etc.) pointing back to your content.

Powerful Ways to Be More Referable 

If you’re not focused on creating referral motivation, one that gives you a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace, your business won’t survive long in the marketing world as we know it today.

How to Create the Lead Generation Strategy That Is Perfect For Your Business

Businesses must think and approach lead generation in a different way to get better results– today is more about being found and less about hunting. So, in order to generate leads and be found you must put business in the pathway that prospects and customers are learning, asking and buying in your industry.


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