Social Media and Social Networking in a Nut Shell

Utilize social media. If you want to build visibility for your company, you must go where the people are. In days gone by, people gathered in the marketplace at the center of the city.

Today, they gather online in places like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Which platform is best? The one you will use regularly. Use social media to share information, network, build relationships, and announce new products and services.

OK, but what has really happened?

The internet today is this giant cocktail party with all these people connecting and keeping track of how many connections they have. Unfortunately, one day when you need them to help authorize a $3,000 project, all the sudden it doesn’t matter to them.

So, what does matter?

What matters is: “where are the real relationships?” The relationships where worthwhile ideas have been exchanged, where things have been done for each other, where there is a real thing connecting you with them not just bits and pieces.

Networking is always important when it’s real and a useless distraction when it’s fake.

And the internet has caused for a lot of fake networking, so with all of this, there’s only one thing that translates and that is, “Are there people who I would go out of my way for and would go out of their way for me?”  That’s what you need to keep track of and the way you get there is by going out of your way for them and by earning the privilege of one day having that connection be worthwhile.

The networking that matters is helping people achieve their goals, doing it reliably and repeatedly, so that over time people have an interest in helping you achieve your goals.

Social Media are relational tools not transactional tools. Regardless of what many think, social media rewards handsomely the one who is :

  1. Generous;
  2. Other-centered; and
  3. Helpful

It is a vehicle that appeals to people’s deep, desire to connect. It works when there is trust. When it becomes just another form of spam (violating people’s trust), it fails to be effective.