Stand out from the crowd – Tag yourself!

When at a networking event, in a job interview or just having a casual discussion, there always comes the time to explain, ‘”what you do?”  In this new world of work people aren’t particularly fond of  reciting occupational titles like President, CEO, programmer, driver, teacher, sales representative, receptionist or clerk.

Recently I’ve seen an increase in replacing official titles or occupations with a personal tagline that shows their pride in their profession.  Here are some I’ve seen recently to stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart:

  • The residential Realtor who describes herself as “putting people into their dream home.”
  • The commercial credit specialist who  smiles and tells strangers that he is “giving credit where credit is due.”
  • The commercial airline pilot who informs people she meets that she is “shrinking the globe to reunite families and loved ones.”
  • The midwife who proudly proclaims she is “bringing new life into this world.”

Whatever your profession, you can create a tagline to showcase the results of your work , create top of mind awareness or plant the seeds of perception. Here are additional examples designed to stimulate your creative juices:

  • A district governor introduces herself as “an evangelist for better speaking, better listening and better thinking!”
  • An Internal Revenue Service agent says he’s a “government fundraiser.”
  • A gardener says, “I turn the world green … one garden at a time.”
  • A dietitian was heard saying, “I teach people how to behave in front of food.”
  • A telephone customer service representative says she “has a special calling.”