August 17, 2015

How We Work

We never went to med school, but this makes a lot of sense to us.

Working with a small business marketing consulting firm like Indispensable Marketing will include a thorough and detailed discussion of WHO and WHY before we ever get to WHAT and HOW.  Sorry, that’s just how we roll.  We’ve been having too much success to do it another way.  Besides, if you don’t know who you want to talk to or why you want to talk to them (and why they should talk to you) then you’ll never get the most effective what and how to reach them.

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There are several ways we can work on the diagnosis part of our engagements:

  1. Request an Marketing Checkup here. This is something we do at no charge for you, but you’re guaranteed to get tons of value and you will start looking at your Marketing in a new way.  We’ll also conduct a 30 minute check up chat with you to reveal our findings and provide you with some solid recommendations to improve your marketing.
  2. Request an SEO Audit here.  This is something we do charge for, but you’re guaranteed to get tons of value and you will start looking at your SEO in a new way.  We’ll also conduct a audit review with you to reveal our findings and provide you with some solid recommendations to improve your SEO rankings.
  3. Set up a FREE 30 -minute exploratory call with us – we’ll discuss what is happening in your business and why.
  4. Download a small business marketing guide to start educating yourself.
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Our Why?

Indispensable Marketing can be linked to Seth Godin’s book “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?” Which is about becoming an indispensable person. But to do that, you have to be willing to let go of your average life and be willing to become extraordinary. Indispensable Marketing is constructed as a small business marketing consulting firm who takes an alternative marketing path, who declined the tactics over strategy approach. We insist on making a difference, helping our clients see possibilities, on leading, on connecting with others and driving real results.

Our Process For Getting You Results:

We believe if you establish a strong marketing strategy, one that helps you build trust, and fully understand the behavior and objectives of your ideal customer, then you can use almost any tactic to build your business.

Starts first with the idea of diagnosis before prescription; which is our version of strategy before tactics. Meaning before we do anything aim at increasing visibility and making the phone ring we have to identify who makes an ideal client for your business, and by taking this narrow market focus also develop a message of differentiation around the real problem your ideal client trying to solve. We defined those two elements very clearly and then we use content to voice that strategy to guide people along the customer journey. Moving people from awareness to education to sample, then to purchase and refer.  Any client that engages us gets a variation of this service. After that, we get into launch, grow, and amplify—our customized marketing packages for implementation.

Ultimately, this means you need small business marketing services that operate within a marketing process and a partner that can be straight-forward, and doesn’t back down. You deserve to get the knowledge and results that you pay for.

Our Small Business Marketing Services

While the content on our blog and social media channels is all free, we do offer a number of paid personalized small business marketing services. Be sure to check out the Marketing Strategy Consulting and Marketing Program for Small Business that’s being updated to meet the needs of growing small businesses.

Our Real-Business Case Studies

See how small companies leverage our small business marketing services and processes to help generate visibility, obvious choice status, leads and drive revenue.

Their success story can also be yours. View here

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