How Is Small Business Blogging Different From Regular Blogging?

In short, regular blogging is simply a hobby. Small business blogging  is a low-cost way to create opportunities to get your website found by ideal clients that you want to find it, so you can generate new leads and customers for your business. It’s also important to note that when you’re doing small business blogging, your Read more about How Is Small Business Blogging Different From Regular Blogging?[…]

Generating Sales Leads from Your Blog

After meeting with me, a number of people and organizations have told me they intend to start their own business blog. Several have called me and written to me, asking how to generate sales leads from their blog. So, rather than continuing to repeat myself, I will outline the process here. It’s actually easier than you Read more about Generating Sales Leads from Your Blog[…]

Is Blogging Worth the Effort?

I do it, preach and teach on it every week. Attract the right kind of prospects by creating and distributing the right kind of information. Engage your audience so they come to know, like, and trust you. Let them know you’re the expert who’s going to give them the information (and eventually the products and services) that Read more about Is Blogging Worth the Effort?[…]