The Primary B2B “NEADS” Hierarchy

If you’re selling a product or service to a business–to a non-owner you don’t talk about them until you find out about their “neads.” 1.  N-Now. What do they have or are doing now? (Past experience dictates your present decisions) 2.  E- Enjoy. What they enjoy? Can you create something better in their services? 3.  Read more about The Primary B2B “NEADS” Hierarchy[…]

How to Succeed in B2B

This month, I wrote about “how can you build more trust and develop better relationships?”  In this post I state, “an organization with people on the ground, that’s alert and has an eye for attention to detail can build more trust and develop better relationships than one than hits and runs.” Well, when it comes to Read more about How to Succeed in B2B[…]