The Missing Link to Turning Your Idea into Serious Cash

Here’s the deal with ideas… Don’t expect to be paid for an idea! I know every single person thinks if we could just offer a suggestion and that company would do it. That company would boost sales and etc. The truth is that has ZERO value! “The only people who make money from an idea Read more about The Missing Link to Turning Your Idea into Serious Cash[…]

The Ultimate Goal When Raising Money

Raising money. That’s at the top of the list for most start-ups. When it comes to raising money and the process of it, they’re some key things we need to consider. First anyone that’s going to invest in you, will like their money back! So, the question is: “How are you going to give them Read more about The Ultimate Goal When Raising Money[…]

3 Different Types of Revenue

Cash – obviously if you can make a sale that’s revenue for your company. One example of this would be a facility that sells monthly memberships. Attention and Trust – now there are lots of businesses that need this. For example: I’m going to watch channel 6 news tonight. Well, I’m not paying them cash. Read more about 3 Different Types of Revenue[…]