11 Time-tested Ways to Dig Out from a Recession

For many of you, the Strategy section will be the most indispensable piece of information in this entire post. If you understand and follow this procedure, you can dramatically transform your results and survive in any economy, while  bypassing other businesses! To survive in any economy you must position your business to have the one asset Read more about 11 Time-tested Ways to Dig Out from a Recession[…]

10 tools that make you “The Expert”

1. Perspective – insights on best practices 2. Philosophy – look at the world differently 3. Personal Path – what’s your story? How can people connect with you? 4. Position – creator, founder, director, CEO, author 5. Popularity – followers, friends, platforms 6. Partnerships – other experts, causes, major companies 7. Progress – show results 8. Praise – gather and share testimonials 9. Read more about 10 tools that make you “The Expert”[…]