How to Get the Prospect to Take the Action You Desire

All marketing must have a purpose (a worthwhile goal) in order to be successful. What are your marketing goals? or even better “Why are you marketing?” To begin experiencing marketing success you must get the prospect to take the action you desire. In this brief video, I talk about the missing piece to that puzzle.

If Your Goal is Growth

If your goal is growth, marketing is all that matters—and marketing is everything you do or say that your ideal target customers and current customers see and hear from you. If marketing is about communicating to customers that you’ve solved their problem, then the first step to growth is to solve their problem. In this Read more about If Your Goal is Growth[…]

The Ultimate Goal When Raising Money

Raising money. That’s at the top of the list for most start-ups. When it comes to raising money and the process of it, they’re some key things we need to consider. First anyone that’s going to invest in you, will like their money back! So, the question is: “How are you going to give them Read more about The Ultimate Goal When Raising Money[…]