The Revealing Deep Dark Secret to Marketing

This is the schism of marketing until 1995. Marketing was clever clothes on a boring product. That you made an average product for average people (the masses) and then you use some of the money you make to hire marketing people to put an ad around it or package around it , so it doesn’t Read more about The Revealing Deep Dark Secret to Marketing[…]

The Beginners Guide to SEO Strategy

Using SEO  (search engine optimization) they’re two strategies to benefit your business or organization. One strategy is trustworthy and effective, and the other is a needle in a haystack  that usually bombs but is remarkable when it’s in action. Let’s start with the needle in the haystack strategy. When using SEO (search engine optimization) the most common strategy is to find Read more about The Beginners Guide to SEO Strategy[…]

The “Average” Salesperson Problem

Mediocrity is very common and it means being average. Average people are average.  It’s for losers!   The reason that mediocrity is for losers is that  given the choice between remarkable and mediocrity, nobody picks mediocrity. Nobody picks average. So as a salesperson, you have a BIG problem, because there’s all this pressure on you Read more about The “Average” Salesperson Problem[…]

Join a Live Chat With Stars of ‘Shark Tank’ on GOOGLE + live at 3pm!

The Shark Tank stars will take your questions about entrepreneurship and pitching investors, while they share what it’s like behind the scenes of the popular reality show. Ask your question for the sharks in the comments section below before the chat, and we may choose it to present to the sharks. You can also tweet your questions using Read more about Join a Live Chat With Stars of ‘Shark Tank’ on GOOGLE + live at 3pm![…]