The Most Important Component Needed to Make Money

If you have something to say or sell you need a platform. You need a place where you can be seen and heard. A place where you can break through the clutter and the noise and deliver your message or product right to the heart of your best prospect. Now, within that platform you must have “a Read more about The Most Important Component Needed to Make Money[…]

Is Branding a Professional Service Different From a Product?

If I ask you, “How do you want to brand this product?” What I’m really asking is how do you want your audience to think about that product once it comes to market. So, is branding a professional service different from a product? No! Branding is still about developing and keeping your promise and an expectation Read more about Is Branding a Professional Service Different From a Product?[…]

Make your product or service presentation succeed while all others fail

Before you try to sell ANY organization or consumer on why your new product or service is worth buying, you NEED to do the most critical part that attributes to a successfully presentation: invest time destroying and slandering and dismantling  the status quo. Once the buyer understands how the current situation can’t help but decay, and ultimately fail, they’re Read more about Make your product or service presentation succeed while all others fail[…]

Are you creating remarkable experiences

What is that remarkable experience that you can create with your customers?   So, when they leave they have something remarkable to share. What does remarkable mean? One thing: something worth making a remark about. Now if you can figure this out, you’ll discover that you’re not just selling the product, or the service, but something more, something Read more about Are you creating remarkable experiences[…]

How to get referrals (guide)

This post is a 5-minute guide to get referrals for every professional or small business. Over the last few years, there’s been thousands (no millions) of post written about this subject, but still, no luck. I have helped clients and a few friends get setup on getting referrals. I found myself explaining over and over Read more about How to get referrals (guide)[…]

The Million Dollar March

Most business owners, musicians, and entrepreneurs can’t wait to make a million dollars and the benefits that status brings. On this march I call it to a million dollars there seems to be one popular method spreading around and that is to make a dollar in profit from each of a million people. Or a penny Read more about The Million Dollar March[…]