Unlock Your Best Ideas

Here are some tips to unlock your creativity and your best ideas: You need to “sit” longer. Get away from your normal routine. Go for a long walk, exercise more Take an art (woodworking, sculpture, gardening) class Put yourself around people who are high performers. Henry Ford once said he didn’t want executives who had Read more about Unlock Your Best Ideas[…]

Why This Won’t Work

In the past two weeks, I have had conversations with several individuals trying to get their ideas off the ground, develop a more effective marketing plan, and get noticed. They are frustrated because they can’t narrow it down to a few ideas, get all the customers they want, and get focused. One thing that I have Read more about Why This Won’t Work[…]

If You Can’t Provide This to Customers, You Might as Well Stay Home

The marketplace today is noisy and crowded. The customer is inundated with thousands of products, services, and marketing messages, even to the tune of institutions selling naming rights for bathrooms and even stalls, pop-ups on webpages, parking spaces being painted, messages on the back of receipts, and etc. This noise over a period of time Read more about If You Can’t Provide This to Customers, You Might as Well Stay Home[…]

Giving to Win

Giveaway by definition is: the act of giving something away free. Raffle by definition is: the act of purchasing tickets to win a prize. What’s the big difference?  Let me explain. If I give you some marketing advice and tips through my blog, it’s worth what you paid for it, and it cost me what I gave you. But there’s this notion Read more about Giving to Win[…]