You’re getting what you have always asked for

Now that the Internet has eliminated the barriers of geography, cost, and time. All those blogs and social networking sites are helping existing tribes get bigger. But more important, they’re enabling countless new tribes to be born-groups of ten or ten thousand or ten million who care about their iPhones, or a political campaign, or Read more about You’re getting what you have always asked for[…]

The people strategy

It’s hard to picture a consultant or investor asking the marketing director, “so, what’s your telephone strategy?” There is no telephone strategy. The telephone is a tool, a simple medium, and it’s only purpose is to connect us to interested prospects and customers. And now the internet comes and it’s unknown, uncharted territory and suddenly we need an Read more about The people strategy[…]

One of the easiest ways to build a monopoly

In my previous post “What every successful business should have” I talked about every successful business has a monopoly. Now when I say monopoly I’m not talking about the evil kind of Wal-Mart or Microsoft type monopoly, but the type of monopoly where you will walk three blocks to get something to eat from a specific restaurant because of their service, and/or Read more about One of the easiest ways to build a monopoly[…]

4 questions that earn you gratitude and endorsements

The internet rewards one thing: relentless generosity. That the more you worry about when you’re going to get paid the less you’re going to get paid. The people who have plenty of clients and leverage don’t worry so much about, what ad am I going to run today? How am I going to close this sell? Read more about 4 questions that earn you gratitude and endorsements[…]

Platform Builders: Online Restaurant Reservation Serivce

Open Table is an American public company that offers online real-time restaurant-reservation service.  It’s free to use and the restaurant pays a dollar per diner. The company has raised more than 20 million dollars to date. (original Times story). During the company’s first three years, they booked a million diners (in total). Now, they book two million every single month. Ten years ago, Read more about Platform Builders: Online Restaurant Reservation Serivce[…]

Are you “pushed” by information or “pulled” by information?

We are told there are two primary methods to receive information;  pushed and pulled.  We all know that information that is PUSHED to us (like spam email, to pick a horrible example, or the typical uninspiring fill-in-the-blank public relation pitch to bloggers), can be very temporary. Pulled information on the other hand, tends to PULL us toward something. Sometimes we wait Read more about Are you “pushed” by information or “pulled” by information?[…]