How to Sell One Million Copies Before Your Product Even Releases

Ever since I learned that Jay-Z’s new album, ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’ was set to go platinum ahead of its official release, I have been quite interested in how he did it — the marketing part. Here’s what I took away from this marketing campaign that aspiring authors, artist, and other creatives can do as well Read more about How to Sell One Million Copies Before Your Product Even Releases[…]

Lowering your cost while maintaining the value

Starting a business or owning one always involves a cost for producing, so sometimes figuring out how to make what you’re producing significantly more cheaply is a must. In the case of somebody who wants to run a successful bar and grill. If the scarce thing they offer is a great environment to drink liquor and beer, but they Read more about Lowering your cost while maintaining the value[…]

Are you providing aspirin?

“Be a problem solver.” I’ve been paying attention to the things that are worth making a remark about ( you know remarkable), and from what I have been observing the podcasts, blog posts, radio shows, videos, and almost anything else that spreads, spreads for one reason: it offers aspirin. What is aspirin? Aspirin is the information given to Read more about Are you providing aspirin?[…]

Are you leaving traces?

The best way to create remarkable is from the attributes inherent to the product itself. (Which really means stop advertising and start innovating!) One group of products that I want to bring to your attention are products that leaves traces. Some products spread because they leave traces of themselves behind. For example, in the early days of desktop publishing  software Read more about Are you leaving traces?[…]

4 questions that earn you gratitude and endorsements

The internet rewards one thing: relentless generosity. That the more you worry about when you’re going to get paid the less you’re going to get paid. The people who have plenty of clients and leverage don’t worry so much about, what ad am I going to run today? How am I going to close this sell? Read more about 4 questions that earn you gratitude and endorsements[…]