What Are Psychographics? (And How to Use Them in Your Business)

Picture this: You’re running limited-time specials every month on Facebook, discounting the price of your anti-age cream and your tone and fit workout product, but still, not one single person is buying your great anti-aging and weight-loss product. What gives? Is it that, no one is interested in losing weight, looking fit and feeling younger? Read more about What Are Psychographics? (And How to Use Them in Your Business)[…]

Why Psychographics Matter Now

Demographics don’t matter at all, psychographics matter a lot. Psychographics is the study of personality, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles. The internet has taken down this wall of demographics and those of us who have a passion for something can now connect to each other. So, it doesn’t matter where you were born, “what matters is what Read more about Why Psychographics Matter Now[…]