The “Average” Salesperson Problem

Mediocrity is very common and it means being average. Average people are average.  It’s for losers!   The reason that mediocrity is for losers is that  given the choice between remarkable and mediocrity, nobody picks mediocrity. Nobody picks average. So as a salesperson, you have a BIG problem, because there’s all this pressure on you Read more about The “Average” Salesperson Problem[…]

10 Elements of a Product or Service That Creates More Referrals

As I have said in a recent post, we don’t need more average products or services. Instead, we need remarkable products and services. Specifically, we need products and services that “are worth making a remark about.” Something worth making a remark about simply means word-of-mouth and word-of-mouse (more on this in a later post). These products Read more about 10 Elements of a Product or Service That Creates More Referrals[…]


Recently, I was reading a magazine about the best businesses in my area and it got me thinking about, “the how of REMARKABLE.” As I read more and more I started noticing  two things about each business: They didn’t make every experience with their product or service REMARKABLE. They strategically identified which products or services to make REMARKABLE, Read more about The How of REMARKABLE[…]