Turn Your Business Blog Into Your Best Salesperson

The problem that every business faces is that technology moves fast. With more technology, customers and prospects grow in technical savyiness, and buying and selling takes a new course. As you continue to strive for those indispensable relationships that motivate prospects and customers to take action and/or buy your business blog could be your best salesperson. Read more about Turn Your Business Blog Into Your Best Salesperson[…]

The “Average” Salesperson Problem

Mediocrity is very common and it means being average. Average people are average.  It’s for losers!   The reason that mediocrity is for losers is that  given the choice between remarkable and mediocrity, nobody picks mediocrity. Nobody picks average. So as a salesperson, you have a BIG problem, because there’s all this pressure on you Read more about The “Average” Salesperson Problem[…]