Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #2 – Marketing With Purpose

“You can’t hit a target you cannot see, and you cannot see a target you do not have.” – Zig Ziglar On Day 1, you agreed to accept the concept of marketing is everything you do or say to a prospect or customer. Which in reality means you will be thinking marketing all the time. Today we’re Read more about Put Your Business On Track For Success! Tip #2 – Marketing With Purpose[…]

Two Things You Need for Storytelling

No matter what you say or sell you only have one agenda. To tell the most remarkable story to your customer. To tell a story that’s worth making a remark about and about the value your business, brand, service, cause, or product brings. Whatever it is your job is to storytell to your customer and prospect. Read more about Two Things You Need for Storytelling[…]

Marketing and Branding Are Made Up of Many Things

Marketing is made up of many, many things. Marketing is truly everything you do to promote your business. And branding is the same. Branding is never just your logo, identity, mascot, and tagline. It’s all of that and other factors working together. Question: What are the things that you do to market and brand your business? 

How to Get the Prospect to Take the Action You Desire

All marketing must have a purpose (a worthwhile goal) in order to be successful. What are your marketing goals? or even better “Why are you marketing?” To begin experiencing marketing success you must get the prospect to take the action you desire. In this brief video, I talk about the missing piece to that puzzle.

How to Use Content to Turn Prospects into Customers

I’m excited about today’s post because this is going to give you the proper perspective and viewpoint for using your content to turn prospects into customers. The Internet has disrupted the way prospects buy, and now every prospect can do a Google search and social media search for information on their own terms. This means anyone with something Read more about How to Use Content to Turn Prospects into Customers[…]