The Caring and Effort Part

Face it, you want to win in business. You want to out-think your competition and show them up. But, instead of trying to out-think the competition it’s worth trying to out-care them. Everyone is working hard on the thinking part, but few of your competitors worry about the caring part. Caring is about showing up. Caring can be carried out through Read more about The Caring and Effort Part[…]

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Winners win in business and beat the competition not because they work harder. In fact it’s not even clear that they win because they’re more creative. The secret, I think, is in understanding that  “efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”. Both aren’t obvious, because both changes. Let’s look at effectiveness. Your effectiveness Read more about Efficiency and Effectiveness[…]

The “Average” Salesperson Problem

Mediocrity is very common and it means being average. Average people are average.  It’s for losers!   The reason that mediocrity is for losers is that  given the choice between remarkable and mediocrity, nobody picks mediocrity. Nobody picks average. So as a salesperson, you have a BIG problem, because there’s all this pressure on you Read more about The “Average” Salesperson Problem[…]

The Power of Your First Seven

The power of your first seven is so vital to your future success that some call it “the secret of the new marketing.” So what is? It’s when you find those seven people who trust you, respect you, need you, and will listen to you. These seven people need what you have to sell, say, promote, inform, teach Read more about The Power of Your First Seven[…]