That kind of unique

That’s the goal of indispensable marketing. To help market your remarkable offering as the best in the world ( your customers world), because the world is defined by what you do.

Now, the way that’s impossible to do this is by being unique because you’re famous. Let’s take a look at Oprah, there’s only one in the world, because what she’s famous for is being famous. There will never be another in history. Warren Buffet, Martha Stewart, Steve Jobs, Louis Vuitton are in this group, 50 Shades of Grey is, and so is the next  Disney and Nickelodeon teen sensation. There is no substitute because the attraction is that this is the famous one, accept no substitutes.

The smart way to do it, is to be that kind of unique before you become famous. Take a house designed by Wright early in his career or music by Lady Gaga. They were unique before they were famous. This takes more patience, more guts and a lot more weirdness because the thing you’re doing is actually interesting before it (if you’re lucky) becomes popular. You might not end up as Oprah, Jay Leno, or Louis Vuitton but your uniqueness is yours, and it can pay off long before the masses choose you merely because you’re the famous one.