The 6 Rungs of Success

As a business owner and marketing consultant I get asked this a lot.

What are the steps of success?, or What I call, “the rungs of success.”

I call them rungs because success is a direction and that direction is formed with incremental steps. The same way a rung forms a step on a ladder so you can move in an upward direction going higher and higher. 

I’m always excited to answer this question because, for the most part, I get the question from people who are my peers or younger.

The first thing they notice when talking with me is that I never mention “college” and most are stunned because all their life they were told that college is the key to success.

In my opinion there are 2 reasons to go to school, I think:

1. To get a piece of paper so someone will give you a job.
2. For the personal development that takes place.

When it comes to the success, I would say they’re six rungs and it looks like this:

#1 Mindset

#2 Approach

#3 Goals

#4 Strategy

#5 Techniques

# 6 Execution

We spend all our time on execution. But if you’re executing the wrong thing then it’s a waste. One of my favorite quotation is “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.”

*No one ever had great success because they implemented techniques learned from a Dummies guide.

Techniques gives you direct orders of what to implement. They’re important, but overshadowed by strategy. Strategy determines which tactics might work.

But what’s the point of a strategy if your goals aren’t clear? Goals always comes first. Always. If you have a clear goal, you will eventually attract the right strategy. If you don’t have a clear goal, no strategy will save you.

I have seen this in both my professional and personal life. Once I got clear on what I wanted, the how almost took care of itself.

Which leads the first two, the two we almost never hear about.

Your approach determines how you look at the task, idea, business or your career. Do you read one book a month? Curious so you ask a bunch of questions? Use scientific evidence and analytics or go with your gut? Are you unapproachable? A new age tech guy? When was the last time you took personal responsibility for a mistake and made a dramatic course correction? Everyone has a style,a swag, and if you pick the wrong one, then all the strategy, techniques and execution on the www (world-wide web) won’t work nearly as well.

Dan Miller (mentor) a career coach often tell his clients, “The major difference between a successful job-hunter and an unsuccessful job hunter is not education, age, skill or ability, but the way he/she goes about the job search.” Their approach!

The most important of them all is at  the top of the rungs: mindset. I often say that, “my success is determined not by the government, not by the economy, not by fate or luck, but by the thoughts I allow to enter and live in my mind.” The self-fulfilling prophecy: Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.