The Beginners Guide to SEO Strategy

Using SEO  (search engine optimization) they’re two strategies to benefit your business or organization. One strategy is trustworthy and effective, and the other is a needle in a haystack  that usually bombs but is remarkable when it’s in action. Let’s start with the needle in the haystack strategy.

When using SEO (search engine optimization) the most common strategy is to find a keyword (like “lawyer”) and then do everything you possibly can to ‘own’ that word on the Google search engine. This strategy views the Google search as the Yellow Pages (with free ads).

The Yellow Pages are awesome for lawyers, because if you need a lawyer, that’s where you’re going to look. So if you buy the biggest ad in the book, then become the first listing, the result would be you get calls. Now when it comes to the Google search engine  it’s the Super Yellow Pages plus it’s free! The problem is: how to be the first listing, because being the 10th listing is worthless.

The answer is: You unlikely won’t be. There are 307,000,000 million matches for Lawyer, and no, you won’t be number one or number two. You lost. In fact, the truth is just about every keyword worth owning, your opportunity for winning it, is minimal.

This strategy is so enticing because it’s all about converting the non-converted. For free, you show up in front of prospects and potential customers who didn’t know about your company and you get an opportunity to convert them. This is what marketer’s salivate over.

Now I want to make this clear: Am I saying it’s not worth trying to win? No. If you want to give it a shot , just make sure you have the right set of keywords and you don’t spend or count too much on winning.  But the other strategy is a lot more appealing (and, for those Great by Choice readers, yes, you can implement both at the same time).

The other SEO (search engine optimization) strategy to use  is more organic (oh,  how I love organic) . This strategy views SEO (search engine optimization) as the White Pages.  It includes owning a keyword that you already own. Do a search on “Indispensable Marketing”  in Google and you’ll find 14,900,000 matches and for the other 1,030, 000 matches. Wanna guess who’s first? The Indispensable Marketing Blog.

To win at this strategy it’s only going  to cost you, patience and determination. It requires creating or inventing a trademark, a brand and then building a product or service or business or organization around that trademark or brand that people actually want to share. You want to be able to say to someone, “just type ____ into Google.”

It’s worth noting that the only individuals who will do this are those who heard about you through blogs, articles, podcast interviews, radio interviews, YouTube videos, and etc. So this is an amplification and word of mouth strategy, which I love not a normal conversion play.

Here’s the formula:
If you’re fortunate enough to ‘win’ at the traditional Yellow Pages SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, you might convert a few percentage points of the traffic you get into customers. On the other hand, if you win at White Pages SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, and you win because people talk about your compelling take and use your name, you convert just about everyone. Think about that… if someone types Indispensable Marketing into Google, they’re probably looking for me, and when they get here, they stay, because they found me.

So, you get the purpose.You own the perfect domain on Google.

When you start to win at the White Pages strategy, it turns out that this helps you win at both. Your platform or website gets more organic traffic, which will organically raise your Google search results for other words and phrases.