The Caring and Effort Part

Face it, you want to win in business. You want to out-think your competition and show them up. But, instead of trying to out-think the competition it’s worth trying to out-care them. Everyone is working hard on the thinking part, but few of your competitors worry about the caring part.

Caring is about showing up. Caring can be carried out through your voice and your interactions. Caring can show up in your policies. Caring can be the difference between a one page form and a three-page interrogation. Caring is doing.

Which leads to the effort part. I personally think effort is underrated and can take many forms. It requires an effort to care, to know, to listen, to change your voice, to change your interactions, to change your policies, and to change your form. Effort is directly related to success. Not all the time, but as much as you would expect.


“Was it worth it?” That’s a question you hear a lot, and when in business it’s usually referring to the monetary side of it. And the answer today is “yes”. Caring and effort today is “worth” it because it’s scalable in today’s economy.

Note: Effort is totally available, all the time. There’s no shortage of it.