The real challenge of a new invention

2% of your challenge – Protecting your Idea (Patent, Trademark, Copyright)
8% of your challenge – Is it a valid idea or product?
90% of your challenge – What is your Marketing Plan?

Most people spend too much initial time, energy and money protecting their idea rather than selling or marketing it.

2 thoughts on “The real challenge of a new invention

  • Hey, this is a great post – how true it is!! As an inventor myself, I couldn’t agree more. It’s easy to think the hard part is creating a great product and protecting it, but it isn’t worth a bean without a fantastic marketing plan. I wish I could have read this (and believed in it) ten years ago…

    Thanks for Liking a recent post of mine. I probably wouldn’t have come across you otherwise and I enjoy your posts – you speak a load of sense!

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