The Clear-Cut Difference Between Advertising and Marketing

I’m meeting more and more people who have an existing business or planning to start one and want to know how to start marketing. But instead of asking me about marketing, they ask how to start advertising. So, rather than continuing to repeat myself, I will explain the clear-cut difference between marketing and advertising here. It’s actually easier to understand than you may think.

Let’s start with advertising. Advertising is:

  • the most visible form of marketing
  • the most elusive, seductive, and expensive branch of marketing
  • the most misunderstood
  • best used when it is balanced with all other marketing
  • used to build share of mind
  • not marketing but a tool used as part of marketing
  • reminding and once is not enough

OK, by now I think we know that advertising is not all of marketing. If you don’t know, you need to reread those bullets points.

What is marketing? Marketing is:

  • everything you do or say
  • creating awareness for your products and services
  • action and action leads to profits
  • how you comport yourself
  • run your business
  • bid on projects
  • perform for customers and clients
  • build relationships
  • your company’s name
  • its services and products
  • methods of delivering services and products
  • pricing plan
  • the location of your office
  • how you promote your practice
  •  the clients with whom you choose to work
  • how you answer the telephone
  • even how you design your invoices and envelopes

Marketing is everything you do to promote your business on a regular basis. The thing that marketing and advertising does have in common is that they both work best through repetition. Just like marketing, advertising works best through repetition. Just like marketing, advertising works best through repetition. Just like marketing, advertising works best through repetition. Get the point?

Question: What could you do this week to bring to life the principle that marketing is everything you do to promote your business?