The “Extended Stay” for Customers

Nine years ago a group of business people invested in inventing a new type of hotel brand and hotel experience. You may have heard of the brand, it’s called “Extended Stay Hotels” and these hotels totally changed the hotel experience by specializing in providing functional hotel suites, that were specifically designed for business and leisure travelers who wanted more than just a hotel room.

Now the same way these hotels “were specifically designed for business and leisure travelers who wanted more than just a hotel room.” You as a small business owner can start implementing some powerful tools for prospects and customers who want more interactions, communication, and engagement with your brand. Today, every small business has the opportunity to “extend the stay” or prolong the interactions, prospects and customers have with their brand.

In business one thing has always mattered and that is communication. Communication is the key factor in determining three things:

  • whether a customer is retained,
  • whether the customer spends more time with you, and
  • whether you outsell the competition.

In the years past a visit to your store or a visit to your website was the end of that communication. The only way to have any further contact was to get their mailing information or email address, and then direct mail, email or call them.

Now, with the advent of social media and the maturity of the internet you can turn one visit into repeat business by introducing “extended stay buttons” on your website. These incredibly important buttons continues the communication that those interested prospects and customers desire. They say things like, “Follow Us, Like Our Page, Become a Fan, Join Here, Pin This, etc. Incorporating these important buttons onto your website as a small business owner gives you the marketing power to gain top-of-mind positioning, top-of-wallet, and the attention of your customers and prospects.

Question: What does your “extend stay button” say?