The false objection

Most of the time when you are making a sale, you will be confronted with “the  false objection.”

And “the false objection” are the reasons someone gives to get you to go away because they’re afraid to say yes.

So as an example: The prospect  your selling to will say, “oh it doesn’t come in purple. I can’t buy something that doesn’t come in purple.”

Well, actually you’re going to end up buying a car that’s not in purple, but you just threw that out there so I would go away.

And in the advertising world you won’t believe the false objections you would get, but at the end of the day if your selling ads B2B the buyer is going to buy what makes their boss happy.

So the marketing executives who sell the front page of Yahoo! can sell that page a whole year in advance even though the front page of Yahoo! doesn’t work. Why? because someone’s boss wanted an ad that compared to the Superbowl.