The Four Simple Steps to Create a Profitable Venture

If your expertise is health and nutrition, fashion, sports excellence, finding scholarship money, being a great Mom or Dad, starting your own business, or basic computer skills. Sometimes we start looking in the wrong place for the income potential. Rather than expecting attendees to “pay” to come to a presentation, you can use this model to create a profitable venture.

The Four Simple Steps to Create a Profitable Venture

1. Set-up a Free Preview class
2. Get sponsorships from organizations that want to gain credibility with the same audience
3. Use press releases to get your event promoted on both radio and in the newspaper
4. Have your church and a local organization also announce the event two weeks prior

Almost everyone today has a message they would like to share. True, it’s tough to charge non-profit organizations, civic groups, and other associations a fee for speaking. But look at the advantages you have in getting sponsorship over selling tickets or charging the organization:

  • True business promotion
  • Sense of obligation because they’ve done business with the organization
  • Donation – just consider it a worthy donation

And once you get 100 people in the room, you can promote back-of-the-room products as well.

Speaking and writing open up multiple opportunities for generating income – looking beyond the readers or listeners.

Question: Has this post given you some ideas to start with?